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In October 2023, we expanded our customs-bonded and standard warehouse services accross Turkey with the addition of a new 1000 sqm private warehouse in Istanbul Avcilar. Our warehouse, which stands out with its proximity to the port and customs, allows you to manage your business more efficiently and safely.


Our services:

LCL Container and LTL Truck Loading/Unloading: We meticulously handle LCL container and LTL truck loading/unloading operations in self-owned or contracted warehouses, ensuring safe delivery to destination.

Transit Formalities: After completing the transit procedures for cargoes arriving from different countries in bonded warehouses, we transport them safely to neighboring countries.

Handling Services: We offer solutions such as packaging, strapping, labeling and more in our contracted or self-owned warehouses.

Storage Diversity: Providing secure storage areas for materials of different sizes and types, we offer solutions tailored to your storage needs.

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